Erma Bell Lakes

August 15, 1982

Three cars left South Eugene High School under partly cloudy skies and slightly cool weather on Sunday, August 15th, heading up the Willamette for Skookum Creek and the trail into the Erma Bell Lakes. However, when the leader arrived at the rendezvous point, only one car was there even though the other two cars had left earlier. We waited around a few minutes and then thinking the other car with three girls in it had gone on, drove up the north fork to Skookum Creek Campground but our other car was not there. We waited again for 20 minutes and then decided to go ahead on the trail as some hikers had to be back in town for other appointments that evening. The trail was very good and we meandered leisurely along, stopping at the lower lake for a few minutes in the sunshine and then headed for the middle and upper lakes where we ate lunch. As we headed back we ran into the girls and it seems they had stopped to gas up but had not informed the leader. They had stopped at the Ranger Station to get a map and felt they had been very resourceful. The leader felt very relieved but also felt this was a good lesson to always make sure to get directions carefully understood before leaving especially when some drivers are not Obsidian members. We were back at the cars at 2:15 p.m. all having enjoyed this short hike and most hoping there would be mere hikes of the short variety. Those hiking together were nonmembers John Bishop, Del Doremus, Alys Riley, Sylvia Stead and Mildred Wilson; members were Gladys Grancorvitz, Miki Hutchison and Suzanne Steussy. Those arriving late were nonmembers Jeanie Holms, Kathy Ryan and Carol Wayne. Leader was Bette Hack.

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