Top of McKenzie Pass

July 25, 1982

Ten nonmembers and myself enjoyed a great clear day at Dee Wright Observatory and walking along the Lava River Interpretive Trail before beginning to hike toward Mathieu Lakes. As we hiked toward North Mathieu Lake, the mosquitoes literally ate us alive. One person had to change to a lighter shirt, and turn long blue jeans into cutoffs before reaching North Mathieu Lake. As we neared South Mathieu Lake, the views of Mt. Washington, Three Fingered Jack and Mt. Jefferson behind us, and the snowy North Sister in front of us became impressive. At South Mathieu Lake five people went swimming in the cool 50-ish water, while three others went on to a better view up a hill in the distance, and the rest ate lunch. Four of us later hiked up that same hill to obtain super views of the North Sister, Yapoah Crater, reddish Millican Crater, Black Crater, Belknap Crater, Mt. Washington, Three Fingered Jack, and Mt. Jefferson. One member carried a green umbrella over her instead of a hat. We enjoyed beautiful blue-green South Mathieu Lake until almost 4:00 p.m. and then hiked back the upper trail to the cars. Everyone in the group enjoyed the trip, and one new person expressed a desire to become an Obsidian. The eleven who went included Moki Honz, Rose Hess, Marshall Pallett, Sylvia and Alton Crump, Vera and Wally Keeler, Sylvia Stead, Jean Benson, Kathy Griffith and leader Bob Foster. We stopped for cool drinks at Vi’s on the way home.

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