Twins Peak

July 25, 1982

Discoveries on this trip included the fact that seven people can travel first class in a five-passenger station wagon if two of them stretch out in back with packs and boots for pillows. Thus, a close-knit group hiked Twins Peak this sunny Sunday, more solidly together after braving the ferocious mosquito phalanx which awaits everyone emerging from a vehicle at trailhead. (Stories of the mosquita problem in the Waldo Lake area are all-too-true.) As we gained altitude, however, the monsters abated, and by the time the snow was covering large portions of trail, we stopped slapping and devoted full attention to hunting blazes on trees, quite necessary in the still-remaining snow to keep on course. Great views at semi-peak, at lunchbreak, Waldo Lake’s intense blue below. A visit from the resident hummingbird to our red-kerchiefed member, Jill, then onward and upward to the peak for photographs and euphoria. Enjoying this hike were Jill Perry, June Powers, Sharon Poticha, Karen Seidel, Ethel Weltman,and leaders Dallas and Jack Cole.

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