July 24, 1982

It was such a marvelous outing that we all had to ask ourselves, “Why don’t we get out more often?” Our 14 hikers left Eugene at 0810 and arrived at the trailhead at 1000. The sun was brightly shining as we started on the trail at 1015. We saw 32 varieties of wildflowers in bloom, plus a few we couldn’t identify. Humming birds were also heard and seen. A spectacular view greeted the party when the summit was reached at about 1215. The Cascades were visible from Mt. Hood to Diamond Peak. After a leisurely lunch near the summit, we started back at 1315. The party played a good-natured prank on the leader at Tidbits shelter. Due to the experience of leaving one of a party in the woods overnight a couple of years ago, the leader very pointedly informed all members of the party of the correct trail forks to take on the return. Catching up with the party at the shelter, he observed them all marching off on the wrong trail! We reached the trailhead at 1455, and most were back in Eugene by 1630. Good weather, good views, many flowers, and a happy party made this one to remember. The group was made up of Myrna Brown, Jack Calhoun, Bob Foster, Wilbur Groner, Jackie Kennedy, Bonnie Ledford, Bryant Mitchell, Connie Montgomery, Fred and Jean Richardson, Ted Stern, Eleanor Wilkerson, Marie Williams, and leader Joel McClure.

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