Crescent Mtn

July 17, 1982

After an auspicious start, with a fine party of ten all on time, the trip just kept getting better. There is only a short piece of off-highway road, and it is very good. The trail has had a good spring cleaning and is in fine shape. In the first downhill mile through deep woods, we had early spring flowers in profusion: Among them much bunch berry, anemone, queen’s cup, and some bog orchids near Maude Creek. The creek was easily crossed on a two-log foot bridge and then the trail starts UP — 3000 feet of UP. But a light breeze kept the sun’s warmth pleasant, and there were mountain views and all those fabulous flowers to keep our minds off the UP. Harold listed 59 flower species that we saw.

The middle section is through a warm meadow that was lush with species of the paint brush, lupine and wall flower season. But the real feature of the day was the mass of squaw grass in the peak of its bloom. I have never seen such a magnificent display. Mid-July was certainly the correct time to schedule Crescent Mtn. this year.

We reached the top for lunch at the old lookout site, which was a pentstamen garden. Clear air gave us unusually fine views of peaks from Mount Hood to Diamond Peak, and nearer views of the Cone — Iron — South Peak cluster.

Now, let’s see — have I omitted any superlatives that might have been used? If so, please read them in between the lines. They belong in the report.

Hikers who were treated to this fine show were Gladys Grancorvitz, Catherine Jones, Marjorie and Volney Kelm, Dot Leland, Henrietta Richmond, Fred Schepman, Freda and Harold Young, and the starry-eyed leader, Helen Hughes.

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