Fall Creek

July 14, 1982

Fall Creek trail was decided upon as a replacement for Homestead Way, as that trail proved to be impassable on a scouting trip several weeks ago. After a threat of rain, the ordered good weather prevailed—not warm enough for swimming, but comfortable for vigorous hiking.

This congenial group was divided into two smaller groups with Helen Lynch providing the leadership for the second group who started at the upper part of the accessible trail and came down stream to meet the lower group who had started at Dolly Varden. We all ate lunch together on a rock out cropping above the river, and later most of the group went wading. Red huckleberries were ripe enough to give snacks to those who so desired.

We were unable to find the side trail to the “Indian Cave” that had been visited on a previous trip several years ago on the leader’s first trip on this trail. I would like to hear from anyone who can direct me to it.

People enjoying this delightful day were Angie Barta, Diane Bush, Dorothy Hayes, Helen Lynch—all Obsidians, and Sonya and Stephanie Nordling, James Powell, Barb Russo, Ellen Tracy and Paul Willweber—nonmembers, with leader Bonnie Ledford.

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