Lamb Butte

July 11, 1982

We left Eugene at 8:15 a.m. under cloudy skies that changed to brilliant sunshine by the time we reached Leaburg. By 10:10 we were at the trailhead and after brief introductions, started north on the Olallie Trail (no. 3529). The first mile of trail ascends in switchbacks to a ridge crest and here we stopped and rested for a short time before proceeding at a faster pace along a comparatively level section to the saddle between Lamb Butte and Taylor Castle. We took another break at the saddle and then headed up the faint use path toward Lamb Butte’s summit. Just below the top we met Dale and Tom Carlson who joined us for the remainder of the hike. After a short rock scramble, we were atop Lamb Butte (5527') enjoying the panoramic views of the Three Sisters and other Oregon Cascade peaks from Hood to Diamond. The weather was comfortably warm and clear with a few fair-weather cumulus clouds clustered around the Three Sisters. We lunched and relaxed while Dale pointed out several of the peaks visible from our vantage point in various directions. After spending an hour and fifteen minutes on top, we started down at 1:30. While descending, we lost our little used path and had to blunder through the trees and beargrass but there were only a few pratfalls and we soon reached the Olallie Trail and headed south. Along the way we found a full can of beer (unopened) and several members of our group shared its contents though the leader declined, deciding that it might not be a good idea if he imbibed at this point in time. When we reached the junction of the trail to Potholes Camp (no. 3539), Dale decided to take a side trip to the camp and five members of the group went with him while the rest of us continued back to the Olallie trailhead and parking area. We enjoyed a nice rest among the trees while waiting for the Potholers to return. Within ½ an hour, they arrived and we headed for home after I backed into a tree just to make sure everyone was awake. A refreshing stop at Vi’s pies completed a fine day. Hikers were Hal Busby, Dale and Tom Carlson, Nancy Clogston, Anne Montgomery, Lin Pierce, Karen Seidel, Millard Thomas, Dorothy Turner, Paula Vehrs, Elaine Yost and leader Richard Eden.

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