Sourgrass Mtn

July 10, 1982

Sourgrass ’82 was one of the good ones. Clear skies, bright sun, balmy temperatures and good people. Slash burning smoke spoiled some of the scenic beauty at my favorite view points, however. An ideal sized group of Obsidians and guests traipsed the two miles from the trail head to the beargrass meadow on the top of the Sourgrass Mountain. Two miles doesn’t sound like much but I do a lot of goofing around on the way, taking pictures, telling stories and explaining about the hazards of section line markers (the yellow and black ones) with the nail hole in the wrong place. This year’s hike showed the greenest vegetation I have ever seen on this trail in July. The flowers were later than usual and for the first time in many years I failed to add a new flower to my list. I probably was talking too much and not paying attention.

For six years my sign-up sheet has been reading “up LITTLE FALL CREEK.” This year Merle Traudt corrected that to read “up BIG FALL CREEK.” Talk about people not paying attention.

My exit through the terrible thicket was as exciting as ever; the Devils Club is getting bigger every year.

Hikers were Jay Forrester, Bob Foster, Gladys Grancorvitz, Ali Hajarizadeh, Helen Lynch, Margaret Markley, Doris and Merle Traudt, Paula Vehrs, Eleanor Wilkerson, Mildred Wilson, and leader Bob Holmquist.

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