Linton Lake & Linton Creek Falls

July 5, 1982

An eternally youthful morning. Soft green wood. Blue Sky checquered with clouds. The crunch of lava underfoot. And the lake itself! Clear as an eye. The surprising sight of green shrubbery flourishing underwater. One inflatable raft on the surface, a yellow fleck at the feet of solemn wooded ridges. Smoke from the fisherman’s camp hanging still across the lake. Clouds softly tearing from the tops of the trees.

A hazardous trek to Linton Creek Falls. Water oozing from the hillside, unexpected rivulets, wet tree roots. Then a short, steep pitch up the hillside. A vantage point where one could stand within inches of the white, surging, violence. A glimpse through the mist of the winding creek bed below.

On our way back, a short Independence Day celebration by the lakeside. A stop at you-know-where along the highway for a taste of you-know-what. Enjoying all this were Wilbur Groner, Bob Foster, Deanne McIntyre, Fred Schepman, Lois Schreiner, Robin Steussy, Merle & Doris Traudt & leader Karen Houglum.

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