Bohemia Mtn

July 3, 1982

A light drizzle started, as promised, as we drove up Brice Creek. All cars were narrow enough to get around the one down tree that had not been cleared off the road. The trail was damp and misty, with occasional views off to distant hills and bits of blue sky. The late spring meant only the earliest flowers were open. Steps had to be kicked in the snowbank below the summit. The top of Bohemia Mtn, which is a rock garden, was as beautiful as always, even though snow fell on us in between spells of faint sunlight. After lunch back at the county park near our cars, we went on down past a field of avalanche lilies to the Musick Mine shafts (“danger, keep out”) and buildings (falling down). By this time it was clear enough to see the mountain above us, as well as a view for many miles, to the base of Mt. Thielsen (top in clouds). Many more flowers were in bloom along the old road as we walked back to the cars, and still more along the ridge road as we drove down. In spite of the showers, it was a fairly warm and very pleasant day, so everyone seemed to think. (Note: Musick Mine is private property, but the owners have been willing to permit Obsidian trips.) (Editor’s note—about half of the party remained on top of Bohemia for lunch, thereby enjoying the “view” for another half hour.) Those enjoying the trek were Laura Bates, Gladys Grancorvitz, Margaret Hadaway, Bob, Amy, Eric, Mary and Paul Latham, Helen Hughes, Malcolm and Juanita Manley, DeAnne McIntire, Anne Montgomery, Bob Reuschlein, Bruce Robbins, Margaret Wiese, Lois Schreiner, and Robin and Ken Lodewick, leaders.

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