Reconnoiter French Pete Trail—Shuttle

June 20, 1982

I see I failed on Procedure: Before the Trip, #6. — Notify Trips Committee Chairperson in event of cancellation. But — we had posted the hike not to be undertaken in the event of rain because of scouting experience June 20th (see below) — and, on Friday when we had only one signed participant (another calling to cancel that evening) we felt it wasn’t economical to take two cars to transport four people in a shuttle hike.

At any rate, June 20th found Karen Seidel, Hal Busby, and Lin Pierce at the east trailhead at 10:00 a.m. in high, semi-overcast weather ready to reconnoiter the east end of the following Saturday’s shuttle trip over the French Pete Trail. We can report the beginnings of the trail a little unclear but the blazes were successfully followed; the trail a joy in its early season untraveled aspects. We hiked down half the trail, 5½ miles, through some trees in and across the trail, a few patches of snow on the high end, several stream crossings — all, negotiated without wet feet — and even one needless Pat Creek crossing which the leaders went upstream to cross and Hal went down stream and didn’t cross, the latter being the correct approach! We enjoyed lunch in fleeting patches of sun on the banks of yet another rushing stream — and as we started home and up the trail, we heard our first faint rumble of thunder. To condense a rather hurried and uneasy trip out, lightning began to make its appearance getting to within, give or take, a mile and a half of us. Rain also began in earnest near trail’s end but compared to the capricious companion of lightning was only a minor irritant. We did solemnly resolve, however, not to repeat the hike in another lightning storm!

Conclusion: We heartily recommend said shuttle and hope there might be interest enough to warrant it another time (maybe when French Pete hasn’t been scheduled for the 3 or 4 preceding weeks and when the weather is more cooperative!).

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