Black Butte

June 6, 1982

What optimists are we to go hiking in the high country when it is cold and rainy as we leave Eugene? (Or are we fools?) By the time we were at Lost Lake it was snowing. We had invested a good many miles in travel by then so we might as well see if the sun really does shine in Central Oregon every day like they say. Sure enough! The sun came out, but Black Butte had a cloud on top and a coat of ice, and the wind was cold. By the time we got to the top the clouds had mostly disappeared and we even had some good mountain views. No one tried to climb the 90 foot fire tower because it was coated with five feet of ice. (Some people said it was 3 inches of ice, but it looked like 5 feet to me, and I write the report.) Whether fools or optimists, we were a great bunch, so everyone got to treat themselves to pie at Vi’s. Black Butte hikers were Pete Cecil, Jane Hackett, Suzanne Steussy, Merle Traudt, Marshall Pallett, Joanne Haines, Wes Prouty, K C Kraft, and leader Betty Legris.

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