Malheur Wildlife Refuge

May 28-31, 1982

Our two-car group of six left Eugene Friday a.m. and at a Birding stop at Indian Ford Campground met a third car of our group, Pat and Dean Patterson. Then lunch at Brothers and a look at a burrowing owl, on through Burns stopping along the way for cinnamon teal, avocets and other shore birds, finally arriving at Page Spring campground with a few drops of rain and met our fourth car, Fred and Echo Schepman.

Saturday, good weather and birding from the “P” Ranch to the Refuge Headquarters and in the evening met our fifth car, the Girardeau’s. Sunday, back to the “P” Ranch and on to the Cole Island Dike, but very high water from spring runoff stopped us as was a good portion of the Boat Ramp dike. Then lunch and a visit with a great horned owl family at the Refuge Headquarters before starting back to Page Springs. Six of the group had dinner at the French Glen Hotel and three had a delightful dip in a warm springs near by.

Monday morning we visited Diamond Craters and the round barn before heading west to Eugene. A good group of birders with a good count of 80 different bird species. Those on this trip were Doris Allen, Laura, Marv and Sue Girardeau, Helen Lynch, Anne Montgomery, “Pat” and Dean Patterson, Fred and Echo Schepman and co-leaders Margaret Markley and Glenn Meares.

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