Eugene-Lorane-Cottage Grove Loop

May 22, 1982

The turnout for this somewhat strenuous 100 Km day ride was sparse, but both sign-ups were dedicated long distance bikers who took the challenges of the day in stride. A fast paced first leg carried us over hill and dale to the Lorane country store and gas station where we paused for a mid-morning snack. Revitalized, we were then ready to tackle the seven miles of grade that lay ahead on CG-Lorane Drive. Forty minutes later we had topped the crest and were enjoying an exhilarating downhill run into Cottage Grove where we had a relaxing picnic lunch in the park, accompanied by the usual Obsidian lunch break small talk.

The return route started out east of I-5 where we swung north onto Sears Road. From this point onward to Creswell the pastoral scenes on mile after mile of well tended farmland were most pleasing to the eye. The virtually soundless passage of our bikes enabled us to tune in on the quiet sounds of the countryside—mostly bird calls on this particular ride.

In Creswell we made one last stop at the Panda where we quietly munched on ice cream cones, mentally preparing ourselves for the big hurdle that lay ahead. A scant 20 minutes later we were doing it, climbing the “South Face” of Dillard Road on bikes! Then suddenly we were back to busy city streets, noisy cars and smelly exhausts. What a contrast to the seven previous hours spent in the boondocks. The riders were Diane Armpriest, U of O grad student (School of Architecture); Glenn Meares (Old Iron Legs); and leader Bob Devine who, on one tough pitch, found himself leading from the rear.

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