McKenzie River Trail, Pt 2

May 1, 1982

This is the report of the McKenzie River Trail hikers and trail clearing party. We started by combining forces with the abandoned Fall Creek Trail party, which upped our tripees by 4. We started out under a threat of definite rain, and forgetting our trail maintenance equipment (which nobody told us we would need). We had the required two cars, ours and Elizabeth McMullin’s large VW wagon. As we started, the sun came out and stayed out all day, but not too warm. We located 14 flowers in bloom and saw many other trees, shrubs and others putting out new leaves. However, beginning at about milepost 8, trail maintenance suddenly became imperative. Logs had been cut, brush picked and the trail in fine shape until that point. Then it was as if they had vanished, whoever had, done the previous. We picked up many loose branches and moved them off the trail, but could do nothing with the approximately fifty trees from 4 to 30 inches down across the trail. In one place there were two about 18 inches piled up. And a larger one just a short distance from Trail Bridge dam was almost too big to cross and on a steep slope. In spite of all the hazards, it was a very nice trip and liked by all, and the best weather we have had for this section. Hikers were Amy Cluston, Bernie Claypool, Ken Daletas, Elizabeth McMullin, Kathy Ryan, Allen Sorenson, Paula Vehrs, and leaders Ken and Robin Lodewick.

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