Jones Trail

April 28, 1982

We left a car at Bedrock C.G. and drove up Rd 1817 to the upper Jones trailhead. There was a little roadside snow before we reached the trail. A hike down the trail brought us back to the car at Bedrock about 2:30 p.m. Jim and Marsha were along to tell and show us what effect road building and timber harvesting would have on our Jones trail. This is the planned “Rhyolite” sale. The first choice plan would construct a parallel road, then down the ridge it would cut across the trail at the saddles. However, there are other alternatives which they are considering that would not destroy the trail. If the trail is destroyed, funds will be available from the timber sales to construct a trail in a slightly different location. They would like to have our help and input on possible location. The drainage is the Bedrock Creek, Slick Creek drainages north of Fall Creek and the Bedrock Campground. Future plans are for a loop trail around the head of these drainages to connect the Clark Butte trail and the Jones trail with possibly a trail down Slick Creek to Fall Creek.

Participants were Jay Ashman, John and Peter Cecil, K.C. Kraft, Betty Legris, Bryant Mitchell, Kathy Ryan,Fred Schepman, guests Jim Mayo and Marsha Milano from the Lowell Ranger Station, and leader Helen Smith.

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