Finley Wildlife Refuge

April 25, 1982

Our “Mini-Malheur” trip to Finley was a delight to all five of us on a lovely warm day. The Refuge is always a place where one can find something a little different and this trip was no exception. At the big barn we crawled under the door to take a look inside and out flew a big barn owl. Outside we found an owl pellet complete with bones intact! As we climbed over the fence to the burned out area we came upon the rufus humming birds in the flowering currant. Three golden eagles soared overhead long enough for us to get a good look at them. Along the trail Carol found a fully formed gopher embryo. All this in the first 45 minutes!

Next on to the Poison Oak Loop where another hiker helped us identify woodland birds — orange-crowned warbler, red breasted sapsucker, etc. For the first time Dot searched out numerous ant hills near the little bridge, some hills 2½ feet high! At the edge of the pond a boy was holding a bright orange-black striped Northwestern garter snake for us to examine. After lunch we hiked the Gray Creek Loop and stopped at the Beaver Pond, enjoying the sunshine and bird songs. We drove out the west entrance and stopped along by McFadden Marsh where we saw greater yellow legs, killdeer, red winged blackbirds, and ducks. A memorable day for Joan Benson, Carol Houde, Teresa Nutt, Kathy Ryan and leader Dot Leland.

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