Beach, S. Jetty - Florence

April 21, 1982

It was a peculiarity of this particular Winter/Spring season of ’82, that a round dozen of us found ourselves unable to hike the relatively low elevation Noonday Trail due to deep snows blanketing the Umpqua region late into April. And yet, on this very same date, we strolled the beach S. of Florence under a blazing sun, the temperature hovering near 80 degrees. Coats were removed at once, and the farther we walked the more we peeled with Paula shedding the most. She alone had the foresight to wear a bikini. Most all of us ended the day with some degree of sun seared skin. An exception was our Aussie visitor, Judy, who spent our winter basking on the beaches of Queensland. The deeply bronzed skin that she acquired under the antipodal sun was burnproof. Those enjoying the pod of whales (?) — something was spouting out thar — the gaggle of Coast Guard helicopters (3), the seals, the starfish and the day in general were Jay Ashman, Angie Barta, Diane Bush, Judy Forell, Barbara Egenhoff, K.C. Kraft, Shirley Froyd, Wilbur Groner, Bonnie Ledford, Cathy Ryan, Paula Vehrs, and leader Bob Devine.

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