Hendricks Park/Spencer Butte

April 11, 1982

On a gloomy Easter Sunday, with rain threatening all the way (but never materializing) five stalwart hikers plus leader made what might well be one of the final Hendricks Park to Spencer Butte treks. For this trip we ignored the barriers thrown in our path to discourage interlopers, climbing over or around them. Each year we are confronted with additional fenced land and more posted areas.

The Ribbon Trail from H/P to 30th Ave was sloppy, but generally free of bushed out poison oak, thanks to the unseasonably frigid weather holding it back. But it didn’t seem to discourage the wild flowers which were breaking into blossom everywhere we looked.

Across 30th Ave we skittered mostly over, but sometimes inadvertently into the swampy lowland muck where dismal gray water runs all around. None-the-less, it was a surprisingly pleasant area hemmed in by old growth timber and spruced up by a variety of many hued blossoms. Barbara was the prime identifier of each variety we encountered. And no wonder! She is connected with the Mt. Pisgah Arboretum. Bernie was also knowledgeable in the field of wildflowers.

Lunch was taken under the powerlines that swoop down off Old Baldy, and we had a fine view of our destination as we munched and chatted for what seemed like a short half hour.

Two and one half hours later we stood atop the Butte leaning into a gale force wind that had the surrounding stands of timber swaying wildly and creaking ominously. It was with some nervous glances upward that we hurriedly descended through the gyrating trees to the relative serenity of the parking lot where the shuttle cars awaited us. Enjoying the day were Bernie Claypool, K.C. Kraft, Marie Mulholland, Barbara Newton, Connie Spangler and leader Bob Devine.

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