Cape Perpetua - beaches

April 3, 1982

The trip started from Eugene in a shower following a heavy storm the day before. It rained much of the way down, even hailed hard near Cushman. However, things improved beyond there; it was even warmer.

We stopped to check on the Indians at Indian Forest, found they would be opening in a few minutes, so waited. As we came out, the owner told us we had seen only four of the five buffalos, as the fifth had just had a baby. We went on a short distance to see Darlingtonia State Park. Then on to Cape Perpetua — the visitors center first (they were showing the Forest Service film on Mt. St. Helens) and hiked down (in a small hailstorm) to see the Devil’s Churn at work. Then back to the visitor’s center and on to Neptune State Park and a lunch in the sun, followed by a nice beach walk. Since there were no agates there, and not much else except plastic debris, we went to Devil’s Elbow State Park where we watched birds on the rock, visited the lighthouse and hunted for a good tide pool (not found).

Then we stopped briefly at a turnout near Sea Lion Caves to look for sea lions, seeing only cormorants and gulls. Thence home, finally running into more rain at Walton and the rest of the way in. Incidentally, it was a sunny day most of the day at the coast.

Participants were Tom Carlson, Rachel Major, Bryant Mitchell and leader Kenneth Lodewick.

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