Three Mile Lake

March 21, 1982

One thing you can count on among Obsidians is assistance when you ask for it. That was the case when we went to Three Mile Lake, and this leader, having never been there before, got lots of most welcome help. But among the helpers, some had never been there either, and among those who had, no two remembered the same way. With a calm blue ocean on our right, and the dunes spreading to the south, and the sun shining brightly enough for one person to carry an umbrella for shade, we followed numerous routes and eventually all ended up at the same spot at the top of a large dune and the lake below. Some people slid down the dune to lunch by the lake (and eventually had to struggle back to the top); others preferred to view from on high. Then we were able to cross the deflation plain without getting wet and had a nice walk on the beach where we found a stump solidly covered with barnacle-like sea animals, very much alive, doing whatever they do while waiting for the tide to come back in. Never one to pass up a chance to worry, there was some concern about knowing where to leave the beach to find the rather obscure place where the trail returns through woods, but all was well and we came out to the exact right place. This was the first clear trail we have found all year.

Leader Betty Legris was assisted by Don Payne, John Cecil, Lee Hatch, Elizabeth McMullin, Merle Traudt, Helen Lynch, Fred Schepman, followed by Ted Allen, Sylvia Crump, Teresa Nutt, Fred Crowell, Marshall Pallett, Doris Traudt, Joan Benson and Evelyn Schmitt.

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