Clark-Jones Trails

February 21, 1982

Rainy skies did not deter four Obsidians from a planned hike with two Forest Service representatives on the Clark-Jones trail loop. We stopped in Lowell to pick up Leonard Diaz and Jim Mayo, who were to accompany us on this hike through old-growth forest which is to be logged in the near future.

Marathon hikers Betty Legris and John Cecil set a lively pace up the Clark Butte Trail, recently cleared of winter storm debris by a dedicated group of Obsidian volunteers. Wilbur Groner and Doris Allen followed along as we all engaged our Forest Service guests in conversation about plans for cutting, access roads, methods of clearing, etc. At the top of the Clark trail a two-mile trek through a foot-deep accumulation of snow led us to the large new brown and yellow trail marker: easy to spot, probably quite costly, and not nearly as aesthetic as the old smaller wooden trail posts.

The trip down the Jones trail, which had not yet been cleared of downfall, presented a different challenge: over, under, through, and around the fallen timber and brush. It made us even more appreciative of the trail-clearing work that is going on. The entire day provided a fine opportunity to get to know the Forest Service people and to share our views and ideas with them.

Enjoying the day were John Cecil, Wilbur Groner, Betty Legris, Leonard Diaz, Jim Mayo and Leader Doris Allen.

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