Fall Creek

January 24, 1982

If brush, limbs, fallen trees, mud, snow, swollen streams, and washed-out trail is your idea of what makes an exciting hike, you missed your chance if you were not with us on “easy” Fall Creek Trail. Due to deep snow we could not park at the upper end of the trail to walk the full length as planned, so we started at Dolly Varden and felt lucky to get nearly to Bedrock. On the return trip a few people gave up on the trail and walked back by road. The rest of us took an extra hour to throw limbs off the trail. Several people were interested in returning soon on a trail cleaning work party. See Peter Cecil’s report and the picture in 1/31/82 R-G for the success of that trip. Several more work parties are scheduled. The muddy, bedraggled hikers were Linda Buie, John Cecil, Margaret Crosland, Lee Hatch, Bobbie Kalbfleisch, K.C. Kraft, Dale Mills, Jim Sellers, and leader Betty Legris.

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