McKenzie River Trail Work

May 15, 1982

We started with a smaller crew than was anticipated, but we had good hard workers so we were able to tackle some thick stands of salal, stem by stem. Matt from McKenzie River Ranger Station came out with a large saw, somewhat of a temperamental saw, that took more energy to get it started than it did to cut the logs. By the end of the day the two Forest Service men discovered that two people working together could start it easily. But we did get a lot of logs cut from the trail and it is now cleared completely, nearly to Trail Bridge Reservoir.

Obsidians doing their part this workday were Angie Barta, John Cecil, Glenn Meares, Dave Predeek, Fred Schepman, Donna Wolcott and leader Betty Legris. Matt Horowitz from the Forest Service cranked away on the saw and one nonmember, Teresa Sihock cut a lot of salal.

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