Eula Ridge—Hardesty

May 5, 1982

The trip was described as a combination trail clearing and hike on a steep trail. I don’t think that any of you who have hiked the Eula Ridge trail would say that it’s easy. Nine persons accepted the challenge of this mid-week event. We started from Forest Service Road #529 and cleared most of the trail to the top. The Eula Ridge Trail is now in good shape. John Cecil spent most of the day on the chain saw and Pete provided the instruction. Jay, Shirley, Dottie and Barbara hiked all the way to the top, and the rest of us were somewhere in the middle. Workers and hikers were Jay Ashland, John and Pete Cecil, Shirley Froyd, Barbara Schram, Wilbur Groner, Betty Legris, Dot Leland and leader K.C. Kraft.

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