Gold Point

April 18, 1982

This was billed as a Forest Service trail maintenance training session, but it turned out to be more of a trail clearing work party. In addition to the Obsidian group of 14 persons, there were 4 people from the Forest Service so we got a lot of work done. The job that Pete did with the new Obsidian chain saw was most impressive. You wouldn’t believe what he did to those big trees over the trail. The Forest Service provided us with about 25 pieces of equipment for Obsidian retention. In addition there were hard hats and gloves. Work party consisted of Mary Bridgeman, John and Pete Cecil, Joella Ewing, Shirley Froyd, Betty Legris, Don Payne, Marshall Pallett, Helen Smith, Suzanne Steussy, Gene Thaxton, Jerold Williams, Mike Wright, leader K.C. Kraft plus the Forest Service personnel.

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