Fall Creek Trail

January 27, 1982

With all the blow down and wind falls making the Fall Creek Trail virtually impassable, it was decided to change the planned Lost Creek trip into a volunteer work party. Eight members and two nonmembers made a dedicated effort to open up the first three miles of the trail, which was no small feat after all the wind and ice storms of the previous month. Everyone pitched in to clear brush, buck logs and repair tread; the three-mile stretch took us 7 hours! The Forest Service was represented by Brad Exton of the Lowell Ranger District, and we were paid a visit by Register-Guard photographer Paul Petersen. It seems only reasonable that a club whose main purpose is using local hiking trails, can take a little initiative and responsibility and see to the maintenance of a few trails! Volunteer trail crewpeople were Jay Ashman, Mary Bridgeman, John Cecil, Lee Hatch, K.C. Kraft, Don Ladigin, Betty Legris, Bryant Mitchell, Helen Smith, and leader Pete Cecil.

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