South Sister

September 18-19, 1982

Cancelled 0630 hrs 18 Sept, after notifying registrants. Reasons are as follows:

  1. Could take only one of people listed in my small car.
  2. Third party from Portland had pick up, but called 0630 Sat. advising rendezvous time would be much later than departure time scheduled.
    1. I was interested in getting to Green Lake early to investigate log crossing at Fall Creek outlet, reported washed out by 10 July Obsidian party, or use alternative route via Moraine Lake; thus needed an early start.
    2. Weather report called for rain and thunder storms which materialized. Sisters are no place to be when thunderstorms hit, based on previous experience.
  3. In view of small participation, limited interest, and factors a. & b. outlined, I opted to cancel trip as stated.

Tom Johnston, leader.

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