Mt. Jefferson

September 4-6, 1982

Most of us left town around 9:30 Saturday and arrived at Pamelia Lake trail-head at noon. The weather was unbelievable, mostly cloudy but steadily improving just like the weatherman promised. We hiked to Pamelia Lake and then the leader took a 400 yard short cut to the old Skyline, during which time some of the party felt he was lost, missing his marbles, or both. After doctoring a bee sting on Christine’s leg, we proceeded to the Pacific Crest Trail and on to the “REAL” Shale Lake.

Sunday morning we left just before 5:00 with the aid of a full moon and proceeded up the south ridge and arrived at the Red Saddle around 11:00 a.m. Got the last person to the top at 1:10 p.m., by which time light clouds or fog had moved in and obscured Rainier and most of the other mountains north and south.

Monday, five of the more adventurous climbers went down the cliff and out through Hunts Cove and the old Skyline to Pamelia Lake, while the rest back tracked to the cars. Each group did some berry picking and generally felt it was a successful trip even if they were tired and sore, or lost their car keys. Those who went were Janet Baker, Margaret Crosland, Tom Donnelly, Sally Grosscup, Lee Hatch, John Jacobsen, Christine Ligneau, Bernadette Ligneau (Red Saddle), Chris Shuraleff, Kris Wolters, and leader Keith Blunck.

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