Middle Sister

August 21-22, 1982

An enthusiastic party of three left Eugene at 1310 and arrived at Frog Camp to find about 50 cars in the parking area. The weather was fine, though a chance of thunder showers had been predicted. We hiked in to Scott Camp, taking the last good camping spot at about 1840. One party in Sunshine Meadow had a pack llama. Lupine, paint brush, and daisies filled the meadow with the primary colors. We rose at 0430, ate a substantial breakfast, and started the ascent at 0550. We took the standard route and arrived at the summit at about 1030. It was fairly clear; we could see from Adams to McLoughlin. There were about twenty other climbers on the mountain. We started our descent at 1130, and had good glissading down Renfrew Glacier. We reached camp, very wet, at 1330. After resting and drying out somewhat, we started back down a very warm trail at 1415, arriving at Frog Camp at 1645, and back in Eugene at 1900. The vigorous climbers, Dale and Joel Mills, were held back by the leader, Joel McClure.

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