North & Middle Sister

August 7-8, 1982

Most of the group stayed at Sunshine Meadows Friday night with Lee, Christine, and Mary Ellen camping at White Branch Creek because of leaving Eugene later Friday afternoon. The group came together Saturday morning at Sunshine and by 8:30 were on the way with full packs up to the saddle between the two peaks. The next three hours to the campsite in the saddle were done at a comfortable but consistent pace with much of it on the extra-late accumulation of snow.

While setting up camp we were able to see Glenn Meares and his Obsidian group on their way up the North. After a sufficient amount of loafing and basking in the sun, it was time to get on with it and head up that nasty approach to the south ridge of the North. Upon reaching the snowfield below the summit mass, we found Glenn’s group still on the peak and their fixed line still in place. Taking advantage of the situation, we were all able to cross without setting up our own line. Up the chute while Glenn’s group was coming down (in different areas), on to the summit, loaf, admire, take pictures, sign in, and back down to the chute just in time to use Glenn’s fixed line again. Many thanks, Glenn. Coming off the summit we were greeted with thunder, some lightning off to the east, and some rain. It was nice to know that camp was only twenty minutes away.

By nightfall, everyone was ready for bed. It was a quiet, warm night. No hurry to get up in the morning so we slept in till about 8:00 a.m. Early-bird Lee was anxious to get started so he was on his way up the Middle with everyone else following after getting the sleep out of their eyes. More snow than usual made the going easier but we did chop some steps in one steep pitch. Good weather and good view at the top. Back down the mountain, break camp, load up and head out to civilization. Climbers were Rick & Sally Grosscup, Lee Hatch, Ed Lovegren, Christine Ligneau, Mary Ellen de la Pena, Peggy and Bud Proctor, leader.

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