Glacier Peak

July 16-18, 1982

We left Eugene at 5:00 a.m. Friday and stopped at the Corvallis exit to pick up Mike and Glenn. Drove to Portland and picked up Bob. A burger joint was close so the group decided to stop and have breakfast despite loud protests from Mike. Hunger prevailed. We then proceeded to drive forever. Arrived at trailhead around 2:00 p.m. after several stops to consult map and navigator. (Rd numbers had changed from map and 9 years ago.) Headed up trail and hiked along White Chuck River to Kennedy Hot Springs. The trail deteriorated here and we crossed numerous bogs before we arrived at the Sitkum ridge climbers’ trail. I remembered it as being steep and tried to prepare the group for what was ahead. Before we were to base camp they were ready to lynch me. We struggled into Boulder Basin just as it was getting dark, after a long uphill hike. (crawl?) Bodies rested, we were climbing at 7:00 in the morning and gained the summit by noon after an uneventful climb. Partly cloudy but a nice view. Back to camp around 4:30 after a long stay on summit. Everyone agreed the hike into the base camp was much more tiring than the climb of the peak. Headed out sunday morning and had a nice dip in the hot springs on the way out. Very good trip for Rich Bell, Sally Grosscup, Jim Heck, Don Johnson, Glenn Meares, Bob Nelson, Don Saonek and leaders Mike McClellan & Randy Zustiak.

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