South Sister

July 10-11, 1982

Left Eugene Saturday mid-morning for a beautiful drive across the newly opened Old McKenzie Highway. Stopped at Dee Wright Observatory for tremendous views, again at Sisters to admire the Llamas and camels and at Bend’s Mirror Pond for a group picnic. Camped at Devil’s Lake under a clear sky with many meteor showers. Sunday morning the group hippity-hopped up the mountain via Moraine Lake which was frozen and snow covered. At Lewis Glacier Fred Schepman decided to wait for the group’s return. Pat Smith carried-a full pack to summit and overnighted there. Summit was, windy and the views limited. Descended via Green Lakes and enjoyed great glissades for much of the way. To the leaders chagrin Fall River was very high and the logs used for crossing the river had washed away. We eventually crossed downstream on a very precarious snowbridge that spanned the entire stream. Snow depth on the trail was 8'–10' and much skill (Fred Schepman’s) and luck (Gene Thaxton’s) was required to stay on course. As the trek wore on and hunger set in, we shared everything left in everyones pack picnic style. What a unique feast — from bee pollen to dinner mints! On out through the wild blue violets to Century Drive where we had a car hidden to return us to Devil’s Lake and home. Thanks to the good humors of all participants this was a very pleasant memorable climb. Participants were Susan Anderson, Ed Lichtenstein, Fred Schepman, Pat Smith, Ann Strother, Lee Anne Zupan and leader Gene Thaxton.

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