Mt Washington

June 12, 1982

Threatening weather and lots of snow greeted our group of nine climbers when we assembled at the Big Lake trailhead off the Pacific Crest Trail. After setting out at 7:00 a.m., we found some problems with staying on the deeply snow covered trail. We finally left it and struck out through the fog for the ridge that would lead us to the mountain we had yet to even glimpse.

Hard walking in the snow gained the ridge for us, and we made our way south toward the peak we knew must be there—somewhere. Steep snowfields made it prudent to use fixed lines to work our way toward the saddle at the base of the pinnacle. A little clearing in the weather let us know just how much “up” remained at about 2:45 p.m. Because of the time, we stopped the attempt at that time just a little short of the saddle.

An otherwise uncomfortable and disappointing trip was made worthwhile by the several misty views of Three Fingered Jack and Mt. Jefferson to the north, and by the great way the group worked together. Climbing were John Atkinson, Ray Smith, Kris Wolters, Ken Daletas, Sally Grosscup, John Jacobsen, Peg, Mike and Steve John, leader.

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