Mt Hood (Southside)

May 15, 1982

We all rose from our own camping spots to meet at the climbing but by 3:20 a.m. The quick pace started early with the leader in the rear. Everyone regrouped at the top of the chairlifts. We all stopped at the Hogs Back to rope up and wait our turn to continue to the summit. At that point we watched the sun rise up over the ridge. After a short wait we moved up and got into the traffic jam in the chute. The entire group was on top by 9:30 a.m. Not bad for a slow climb! It was the clearest I’ve ever seen it. Winds were about 20 MPH. Everyone enjoyed sliding down to the chairlifts using a self-arrest from time to time. The last of us (myself) reached the parking lot at 1:20 p.m. Climbers were Margaret Crosland. Sharon and Tom Daletas, Sally Grosscup, Christine Ligneau, Lee Hatch, John Moffitt, Jerry Molher, Phil Morrison, Mike Nichol, Shirlynn Spacapan, Connie Spangler and leader Ken Daletas.

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