Fall Color Trip

October 16, 1982

On October 16, a Saturday, 31 people went 210 miles in a Trailways bus up the McKenzie River, turning off on Quartz Creek to climb up into the mountains by various routes, for lunch at noon at Indian Ridge Look-out at 5405'. Twelve were nonmembers, eight of whom Jennelle Moorhead rounded up when it looked as though we might have to cancel. The Steussy’s brought two out-of-staters, and some of Jennelle’s were also. Many of hers were from the Retired Teachers. Then down the South Fork back to the McKenzie Hwy. Here we decided to take a side trip up to Sehalie Falls, which was a good thing because that was where most of the color was: Dogwood turned deep red, offset by the bright young evergreens in front. We were really too late for the vine maple as it had all turned brown. Turns out we could not have made the prior Saturday anyway, because of six inches of snow! Dave Burwell led us onto numberless side roads, all of which are etched into his brain as a map. Anyone else would get lost. We even found a wild apple tree somewhere near 4500 feet in the middle of the forest. How did it get there? Surprise: some of our elder members had not seen Sehalie Falls, and most not since it has been re-landscaped. Dave Burwell gave everyone a continuous lesson in types of trees complete with samples. He was a great trip leader with Bill Eaton doing the organizing. Fall Color viewers were Rita Baxter, Dave Burwell, Sophia Christopher, Joan Duncan, Bill Eaton, Harriet Friday, Emily Grope, Vera Heidenreich, Laura Hayes, Jane Hilt, Virginia Horton, Lucy Horton, Virginia Horton II, Lillian and Art Johnson, Enid Leedy, Jennelle Moorhead, Frances Newsom, Daisy Niccolls, Nora Robertson, Gerta Ross, Betty Stamm, Lois Schreiner, Robin and Ethel Steussy, Edra Stuart, Rose and Rosalyn Sazekas, Mary Sheehan, Elinor Thomas & Virginia West.

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