Crater Lake, et al

July 14, 1982

Twenty-six members and nine guests enjoyed a trip to Carter Lake, July 14 with Baxter Shaw, the excellent driver. A short stop was made at Salt Creek Falls, then a coffee break at Cafe 58. The two hour lunch stop at Crater Lake gave the travelers time to hike, listen to a lecture, or shop. The Lake was at its very best—a beautiful blue. A stop was made at Union Creek to see the magnificent Rogue Gorge and the natural bridge. The trip home followed the North Umpqua River to I-5. The final stop was for ice cream at Rice Hill. Members and guests making the trip were Muriel Aufderheide, Edna Bevard, Evelyn Blackwell, Ingrid Carmichael, Buck and Grace Carter, Jeannette Daletas, Gladys Grancorvitz, Florence Givans, Lois Hammond, Laura Hayes, Jane Hilt, Ralph and Wilma Howarth, Art and Lillian Johnson, Elwina Meacham, Frances Newsom, Ruth Nichols, Daisie Niccolls, Janice and Mel Pattison, Frances Peterson, Sybil Pickering, Enid Rondeau, Evelyn Schmitt, Grace Smith, Myrtle Smith, Mildred Weatherby, Hawke Williams, Ruth Williams, Freda and Harold Young, and co-leaders Bette Hack and Mary Mallery.

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