South Central Oregon and Modoc County Ca

June 21-25, 1982

Twenty-two members took the 5-day trip to South Central Oregon and Modoc County California. On the way to Lakeview, a stop at the Hole-in-the-Ground, presumed to be a steam blowout, was made. Special sight here was a brown bear raising a cloud of dust on the dirt road! Ran as fast as a horse. Sighted first by Laura Hayes. Then to Fort Rock for lunch and an explanation of the geology; the valley once was a lake lapping high up on its side. Stops at country post offices for Frances Newsom, and stores for the rest.

Stopping in Lakeview (4800') for two nights let us explore 100 miles east, including the town of Plush (pop 32), Hart Mountain (7710'), and bathing in its hot springs (6000') — wonderful! — flowers at different elevations. Sighted no antelope, explained by Ewart not antelopes, but “pronghorns,” found only in North America.

South to Alturas with stop at famous rockshop at border town, New Pine Creek. By Goose Lake, described as similar to our Lake Abert, Summer and Silver Lakes, which are all depressions with no outlet, due to major settling of the earth. Over Fandango Pass (6100') to old towns of Ft. Bidwell and Cedarville; over Cedar Pass (6350') to Alturas (4370'}, and warmer. Very neat, clean historical museum.

Thursday morning met Ranger Richard Voss of Tule Lake Wildlife Refuge for tour on dikes between extensive manmade lakes and agricultural fields-potatoes. Many kinds of birds; especial sight was two coyotes running in the field. The whole valley had been one enormous lake as around Fort Rock. The afternoon was spent at the Lava Beds National Monument where half the party hiked a 1200 foot lava tube.

Overnight at Klamath Falls with morning scheduled to visit the Favell Museum, a private one depicting art and artifacts of the early west—a beautiful place. Then a visit to the Baldwin Hotel, built in 1896, with woodstove in each room, old furniture, ladies hats, ancient plumbing, etc. The afternoon taken coming 230 miles home via Lake-of-the-Woods highway, a stop at Brownsboro to drop Grace Smith off to meet her brother, and a stop at the Eagle Point Mill, built in 1872-only water wheel-powered mill still grinding in Oregon. Some bought flour. Over the pass at Drew to Canyonville, a stop at Rice Hill for the Driver’s favorite ice cream place (west side I-5), and SEHS parking lot at 6:30 p.m.

Nice features of the trip were frequent stops, no rush (except last half day!), big sky views, handsome court houses, good weather. Enjoying all this were Ingrid Carmichael, Buck and Grace Carter, Laura Hayes, Vera Heidenreich, Jane Hilt, Miki Hutchison, Bea LeFevre, Frances Newsom, Daisy Niccolls, Ruth Nichols, Mel “Pat” and Jan Pattison, Grace Smith, Betty Stamm, Robin Steussy, Paula Vehrs, Mild-red Weatherby, Harold and Freda Young, and leaders Bill Eaton and Ewart Baldwin.

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