Little Bunchgrass Meadow

December 19, 1981

We set off in a discouraging rain, but on our arrival at the Owl Cabin Way trailhead, the heavens had closed. We climbed 1,700 feet in ¾ mile, achieving Bunchgrass Ridge where we found the snow deepening as we traversed to the meadow. Little Bunchgrass Meadow was a Christmas card scene, where we lunched. Selecting sub-alpine fir Christmas trees was a happy labor mixed with skiing on the rolling slopes of the meadow. Even with gravity on our side it was somewhat laborious hauling our Christmas trees down. We rewarded ourselves with a soak in McCredie Hot Springs. Heather Anderson, Holly Chism, Michelle Cutrer and leader Jerold Williams made the trip. Carol singing, accompanied by Heathens recorder enlivened the proceedings.

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