West End Odell Lake to Diamond Peak Timberline

April 26, 1981

This trip started by going up the Yoran Lake Trail 3 miles to a small lake. It had snowed the night before and we were on skis the whole way. After a bite at the little lake we took off crosscountry true azimuth 240 Deg, and after passing a couple of small lakes came out at the NW end of Yoran Lake. Momentarily there was sun so we ate again and admired the scenery. Then we went around the lake and headed for Diamond Peak. We climbed and climbed and climbed some more and finally got into that wonderful open country near timberline with gnarled old Hemlocks all around. There was another clearing moment and we saw the upper slopes of Diamond Peak. After several more big hills we came out at timberline. There wasn’t much of a view and the wind was blowing. Definitely still winter up there. It was getting on, so we headed down. After a minor adventure with an incipient whiteout we reached steep open slopes and had a chance to try downhill skills. One party member even essayed some telemarks in the new crusty snow.

The descent was long and varied, sometimes fun, sometimes a bit hairy on the steep trail. We got to the cars just at dark and proceeded to the warm fireplace at Manley’s at Crescent. Taking part in this beat-out were members Emmy Dale, Fran Gnose, Richard Hildreth, John Mowat (Leader), Julia Natvig, Gene Thaxton and nonmember Carol Kompanik.

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