Rosary Lakes/Gold Lake Road

March 1, 1981

After thrashing around on the usual, icy Rosary Lakes trail, we arrived at Rosary Lakes and beautiful conditions. We skied past the frozen lakes with the sun shining on Rosary Rock, then cruised up to Rosary Pass—elevation 6250 feet. We then did some cross country exploring southwest up the ridge getting splendid views here and there, and arrived at the crest behind Rosary Rock. We then headed back for the pass. On the way there, one party member managed to put right angled bend in an aluminum ski pole. After some emergency repairs, the party dropped North off the ridge and descended the steep slope before using an assortment of techniques most of which are better left unspecified. At the relatively flat ground beyond the pass we had a second lunch and then tooled down the trail to the Gold Lake Road and back to Willamette Pass. Tooling along were Dick Hildreth, Dan Weinstein and leader John Mowat.

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