Hoodoo to Little Nash Crater

February 28, 1981

The weather was beautiful, the snow marginal. I’m sure we all had rock and brush marks on our skis. Since the snow level was approximately twelve inches, there wasn’t too much real X-country skiing available. We had to bushwhack thru the manzanita to get off Hoodoo, and we were restricted to the snowmobile trails and old wagon road. The last 2 miles of the trip to little Nash Crater was half skiing and half walking. During the trip there were still several good ski runs of length available and enjoyed by everyone.

The lunch break was at the base of Sand Mtn. There were large open areas here relatively free of brush and after lunch those that were not resting found slopes and hills available for fun skiing.

One young man decided to climb Sand Mtn. without notifying anyone. This inconvenienced the group and caused a delay. My thanks to Dot Leland for her assistance in moving the group out of the Sand Mtn. area, while four of us remained to locate the missing individual. Fortunately, he returned without us having to make an unscheduled search trip. Other than the one incident, it was a good group and from the comments all had a good time and thought it was a worthwhile trip even with the limited snow situation.

Skiers were Dick and Elaine Barrar, Bill Berry, Bobbie Downing, Bob Gaesser, Tom Johnson, Kathy Hauly, June Knorri, Lyn LaGrander, Dot Leland, Larry Marquardt, Herb McMurtry & leader Al Niems.

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