North Santiam cross country ski tour

February 22, 1981

This ski trip was originally scheduled for Potato Hill, however, for lack of snow there our joyous group headed for the CREST TRAIL north of HOODOO, found plenty of fresh snow and skied our hearts out, whatever that means. This goes to show if one has the desire and determination he or she can find good ski-snow during an Oregon February.

We found a great, long, daring hill to glide down on amid, the cries of: “GO FOR IT,” “BEND YOUR KNEES,” “WHOOPEE,” “LEAN FORWARD,” “WIPE OUT,” “ARE YOU OK,“ “SWELL, LET’S TRY IT ONCE MORE,” “PIECE OF CAKE,” “YAHOO.”

“YAHOOING” along were Chuck Bowers, Emmy Dale, Sandra Larsen, Dave Predeek, Henrietta Richmond, Kathy Stroh, Susan Swanson, & Arran & Parker Piddle, leader.

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