Pengra Pass to Odell Lake

February 8, 1981

We left town under clear skies that stayed with us all day. There seemed to be sufficient snow but on reaching Pengra Pass road discovered, to our dismay, that it had been plowed out leaving only a very thin layer for skiing. Rocks and dirt showed through at intervals, but we were able to make it through by taking to the shoulder in the bad places. In spite of this, we made good time to the “Y” where we decided to reroute our trip to include Midnight instead of Odell Lake. We were rewarded with improved snow conditions and balmy sunshine. After a leisurely lunch at the Lake we returned via the Deer Creek loop and a nice long downhill run back to the junction at the pass. Our snowshoer, Ted Stern, met us back at the car. Skiers were Bea Fontana, Wes Prouty, Oliver Thornton, Ruth Schellback and leader Leona Mattson.

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