Potato Hill

February 7, 1981

Skiers assembled at the South-Hi parking lot on a brisk February morn. The slopes had been scouted for snow the day before and participants were anticipating a challenging day. The drive to the trailhead was clear but for a few icy spots as we neared our destination. Our group was one of the first to start up the hill that morning, but the road was well tracked from previous days — no new snow. We arrived at the summit clear-cut area about 11:30 that morning. Some chose to eat and some chose to play for awhile. Normally the summit is a great place to try some short downhill runs, but due to lack of snow it was very much an obstacle course—lots of trees and stumps, some just under the surface of the snow waiting to challenge the best skiers’ equilibrium. The view was great and the sun very warm with no wind. After several hours of play and sunbathing we headed back down the hill. This had to be the best part. All five made it safely back to the parking lot. It was a good day to practice snowplowing and when that didn’t work the “seat drop stop.” All had a good time. Thanks to participants Margaret Hadaway, Sandra Larsen, Susan Swanson, Tim Sylwester and leader Kathi Stroh.

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