Potato Hill

January 31, 1981

I’m writing this report as I lie in a hospital bed awaiting surgery for the knee injury I sustained as leader of the Potato Hill cross-country ski trip. Aside from this “minor” mishap, it was a lovely trip. We left under sunny skies from Eugene, but arrived in fog and overcast skies at Potato Hill. The snow and temperature fine for good skiing. The usual hill-play was impossible this time because the lack of snow left the meadow and hillsides strewn with logs and stumps. So shortly after lunch the group of ten headed for the long awaited 2-mile downhill run. All but the leader, who was bringing up the rear, made it safely to the bottom—how embarrassing! My skis went too fast and took off in opposite directions. Marv Girardeau removed my skis and headed down the hill for help. Sue stayed with me and carried skis after Guru Khalsa arrived to help me hobble down the hill. We finally lashed his and my skis together to form a sled. The others arrived shortly with kind offers of help. Gene Thaxton had the best idea when he suggested wrapping the ace bandage around my mouth to stop my protestations. Many thanks to all the following skiers for their many kindnesses: Emmy Dale, Jack Ewing, Bob Gaesser, Marv and Sue Girardeau, Guru Khalsa, Dot Leland, Gene Thaxton, and Oliver Thornton. Leader Joella Ewing.

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