Mt. June & Sawtooth Ridge

January 11, 1981

The fact of no snow changed the “Pengra Pass to Salt Creek Falls” ski trip to a pleasant hike to Mt. June. The day was foggy and gloomy as we left town at 9:00 a.m. Soon after leaving Dexter, though, we burst out into the sunlight. We arrived on top in no time for an early lunch and sunbathing. All the mountains were out, though they looked as if they could use some more snow. On the hike back, we just had to go over to Sawtooth Ridge and climb the rock.

Coming back was sort of like coming in for a landing. Back at Dexter it was back to the fog, and home by 5:00 p.m. We enjoyed the company of some of the McKenzie Riders on this trip. Sunbathers were Doris Allen, Joan Benson, Emmy Dale, Nancy Clogston, Dorothy Hayes, Cheryl Heucke, Dan Hornack, Becky Kuntz, Glenn Meares, and leader Henrietta Richmond.

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