Olallie Lookout & Guard Station

January 4, 1981

Where is the snow this winter? The snow is where it’s been at this time the last several Januarys—waiting to fall. The Hayrick Butte snowshoe trip became the Olallie Lookout and Guard Station hike. Our group left the Willamette Valley under a thick smog bank and found the situation unchanged upon our return. But we found beautiful sunshine and only traces of snow on the Olallie Trail. The Cascades from Hood to Thielsen were clearly visible from our lunch site atop the Butte. Cougar Reservoir was lower than any of us had ever seen it. Until snow falls, we will hike into usually inaccessible (at this time of year) areas. Our group was composed of Barry Beck, John Cecil, Emmy Dale, Bob Foster, Lee Hatch, Betty Legris, Don Payne, Dave Predeek, Angie and Jeanne Willard, and leader J. Lowry.

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