Shotgun Creek

December 13, 1981

We were an international bunch, if you can call three a bunch. Originally, there were two signers, but one called to cancel Sunday morning, and the other didn’t show at the meeting place. However, the evening before two ladies called wanting to go. Fine, except it depended a lot on the weather. We had been having heavy rains, but the forecast was for rains to end Saturday nite and not to begin until late Sunday—only cloudy skies during the day. Well, I must have heard the wrong forecast as we had rain in varying degrees of intensity the two hours we were trodding and sloshing the trails of Shotgun. We began the Shotgun Loop trail near the fast flowing creek and looped around to the fork leading either back to the recreation area, or onward on the Meadow Loop trail. We had gone 2¼ miles and decided to continue on another l¼ miles since we had not been out very long despite the weather. We did not opt for the 1½ mile Ridge trail to a viewpoint however, as we decided there would not be much of a view with pouring rain and low ceiling. We all decided that we would like to attempt that pleasure in much nicer weather. We had been on the trail from 10:00 a.m. until noon having left Eugene at 9:15 a.m. and returned by 12:35 p.m. Our international entourage: Teresa Nutt originally from Lima, Peru (South America), Paula Vehrs originally from Germany (Europe), and leader Lois Schreiner originally from Pennsylvania, U.S.A. (North America).

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