Little Cowhorn (via Jones Tr)

December 6, 1981

“RHYOLITE” is the ugly name selected by the Forest Service for their forthcoming timber sale (announced earlier in December) which will probably all but eliminate our much-loved and well-traveled Jones Trail (No. 3472) and parts of equally-cherished Clark Butte Trail (No. 3456).

Sunday’s long hike in “Rhyolite Country” was all but aborted early on by the huge earth-slide across Fall Creek Road encountered on our way to trailhead at Bedrock C.G. We slid by with inches to spare. Fall Creek itself was running high, fast and churning an uncharacteristic dark brown. Up long, familiar Jones Trail, (courtesy of YCC crews of bygone years), thence by F.S. Road 1817, heavy rain fortunately held off for the most part, though mists hugging the surrounding ridges obscured our views. At Little Cowhorn L.O. a hurried lunch was taken in the cold, damp L.O. house, and an attempt made to fix the rain-swollen door jamb (unsuccessful with no tools).

Our long hike ended (predictably) in darkness, but as all were forearmed with flashlights, good spirits prevailed the whole distance. “Little Cowhorners” were Bob Foster, Wilbur Groner, Betty Legris, Dale Mills, and leader John Cecil.

“RHYOLITE” — remember the name. We shall be hearing it again and again in the months ahead.

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